Funeral Merchandise

We offer a variety of different products. Please see below for some options.


We have been offering quality gravestones and grave markers for over 30 years at prices much lower than our competitors.  we have the knowledge of the local cemeteries and what they will allow and the patience and understanding to help you through the decision making process for this eternal memorial.  Please click on the photo to the left to see some monument options and prices. 


Caskets are an important choice to be made when considering burial or cremation.  Caskets are made of wood, metal, or materials like wicker for people who prefer green burials.  Some families choose according to  the type of wood their loved one might have had for floors or furniture, the color that their loved one might have liked or even by price.  We offer a wide range of options to help suit every families needs.  Please click on the photo to the left for some options.    

Burial Vaults

If you intend to bury a loved one's cremation urn in a cemetery or on private property, you will want to purchase a cremation vault to protect the urn from the environment.  Please click on the photo to view options.


Cremation urns are made of many different materials. Some of the most common are hardwood, bronze, cultured marble, and ceramic. Some urns are better suited for burial while some are more pleasing to the eye and are meant to be kept in the family‚Äôs home.  To visit our online catalog please click on the photo.